Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meaning of R/3

R means for real and R/3 for the real time -three tier architecture that SAP has evolved an integrated suite of applications designed to handle the data processing for large organisations.The popularity of the R/3 have always been with the manufacturing sector.When one think of the applications/functionalities that is supported by SAP R/3, we can classify into the following categories:

1) PP (Production Planning)

2) MM (Materials Management)

3) SD (Sales and Distribution)

4) FI (Financial Accounting)

5) CO (Controlling)

6) AM (Fixed Assets Management)

7) PS (Project System)

8) WF (Workflow)

9) IS (Industry Solutions)

10) HR (Human Resources)

11) PM (Plant Maintenance)

12) QM (Quality Management)

From time to time, SAP has always been adding more additional functional areas and functional scenarios into the R/3 package.Earlier,as SAP evolved their ERP was to work the basic industry needs.However as time passed, SAP has been focussing on building packages based on industrial verticals for example Oil, Automobile indutries etc...

R/3 comes prepackaged with the core business applications needed by most large corporations. These applications coexist in one homogenous environment. They are designed from the ground up to run using a single database and one (very large) set of tables. Current production database sizes range from 12 gigabytes to near 3 terabytes. Around 8,000 database tables are shipped with the standard delivery R/3 product.

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