Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to find tables related to a program/transaction?

Well, to find tables related to a program /transaction, there are quite a few ways:

1)If you are using SAP version 4.7 or less, tcode SE49 will help you to get that data.It also shows the read,write and modify tables and with the coding that does the actions.

2)Goto SE80,type in the program/tcode and check the items that come under dictionary structures.

3)There is a very useful function module available for your requirement:


Call this function module using:

OBJECT_TYPE = 'TRAN' " transaction
" PROGRAM -> not required
The function module will list you all DB tables touched by the transaction and shows whether they are read or updated (unfortunately, on ECC 5.0 this seems to be no longer the case. All tables are displayed as READ.

5)You can use the function module GET_TABLES

6)Though , not a great way, you could use ST05 SQL trace to find the tables that are being used.

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