Saturday, January 1, 2011

Introduction to BAPI

BAPI is Business Application Programming interface. It was introduced by SAP in its Version 3.1.BAPI is a well-defined interface to process data in a business application system (environment)/It is defined as method of a business object in the Business Object directory (Transaction BOR).

The idea behind the development of BAPI was to bring a better integrated environment with respect of external applications (Non-SAP).Hence it has been developed as a RFC function module. Hence you would be seeing all BAPI as RFC enabled function modules. It can used in many environments & languages like VB, Java, C++.They could also be called from CORBA, UNIX.

Considering these factors, BAPI reduces the development and maintenance costs. It leverages the best and rich functionality of R/3 system. It also can support specific front ends.

Once a BAPI is released by SAP, its interface definition and parameters are stable for a long period. The downward support is given to ones, which has gone changes in newer versions. This ensures that application program is relatively not affected by any underlying changes.

SAP also have provided option of providing the extensions to BAPIs.One can provide additional input or output parameters and make sure the necessary details are provided by enhancements.

All the BAPI can be accessed through BAPI explorer (Tcode BAPI) and BAPI45.

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