Saturday, April 30, 2011

Implicit Enhancement

This is one of the two types of Explicit enhancement options available. If the enhancement section is implemented, then the standard code embedded earlier in the same would not get executed. This is one of new techniques SAP has brought out. As a result, there can be only one active implementation of an Enhancement section. This is one of striking differences between enhancement point and section. You can have multiple enhancement implementations for enhancement points.
You can use an implement an existing Enhancement section and can also create an enhancement section .

How to implement an existing Enhancement section:

We are using the example of implementing the enhancement section in Include program LEINMF0Q

1)Hit the spiral button which is the button just before the check button.This would bring the whole program into change mode(please note you can only change enhancements in this mode, standard code could never be altered which is outside the enhancements)

2)Keep the cursor on the Enhancement section(The first line itself.Otherwise, system would not allow you to create the implementation).After that, right click or take the options provided in menu and create the implementation.Ensure the standard coding procedure as needed in your project for same.After this you would need to save the implementation in the suitable package.
3)After this , select the new implementation name from the popup screen.Note that the implementation name could be anywhere in the list and need always be at the bottom.Now, you could alter or rewrite your code.Next, activate your enhancement by hitting the activate enhancement button.This will complete the implementation process.

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