Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Changing the Descriptions of the Transport Requests

How to change the Transport Request description for requests that are not released
There could be times at which we would be interested to change the description of the transport request.
If the transport is not released, the easiest way to do this is:
1)    Goto transaction SE01.Hit the display button under the “Transports” tab .

2) Click on the transport request whose description you would like to change.

3) Goto the Properties tab of the transport request and then get into change mode.

4)After making the changes, save the same.
The changes would now be reflected for the transport request.

How to change the Transport Request description for requests that are released
We cannot do this process for released transport requests as the change mode would be disabled.

For this purpose, use the program “RDDIT076”.Execute the program and give the transport request .The transport request details and its overview would be given as output.
Click on the  transport request number and hot the “pencil” button(change mode).After that make the changes to descriptions and hit save.

The Changes would be reflected immediately.
Note: This program can also be used to change the transport request description of non-released transport requests too. For the released transport requests, the description change will only remain in the source system and would not be carried forward automatically to the destination systems.

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