Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to create a background job in SAP-SM36

For creating Background job, we use transaction SM36.To view and check the different background jobs we use transaction SM37.In this tutorial,we shall show 2 methods of creating background jobs or batchjobs as they are called at times.
Method1: This is the standard method used while creating a batch job.Most of the experience SAP consultants use this method to create the batch job.The standard SM36 screen is as shown below.

 Step1: click the Step button in the SM36 screen and provide the user name,program name,variant .If there are specifics of the server, you are welcome to provide them as well.Once you are done with these,you can hit the check button in the subscreen to check if everything is fine and hit save button.
 Once you are done with that, you shall arrive in the screen as shown below.This screen will show all the steps defined .If you have multiple steps, please repeat the same process again.
 Step2: Next provide the timings of the batch job.This could be immediate(on time),periodic or based on other time intervals or event based.There is factory calendar also available for any restrictions.Once you provide the relevant information, hit check and then save button.Once you are back to main screen, hit the save button.This would ensure the scheduled batch job is now released.To see the details of the batch job created, you can check same in SM37.

Method2: In this method,we make use of job wizard which is also provided by SAP.Its simpler in steps and guides you in steps for creating the batch job.The only drawback i could find is to locate the user name field while creating batch job.

Hit the job wizard screen and the screens are self explanatory and guides you through the same steps as above.


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