Thursday, June 21, 2012

Searching for past transport requests containing certain objects in a system –SE03

SE03 is a useful transaction in many persepectives.But in this post, we will be focusing on finding past transport requests which contain a certain object.

For example, one could face situation where you wanted to know the past transports made for a certain object. In this case, let us say you would like to know all the transports made in past for the table contents of table VTTK.

For this, what needs to be done you need to identify the object type. Please note that different objects would exist for different things.TABL is an object for Table and structure creation/change whereas TABU is the object for changing/creating contents of a table. There are quiet a hugh number of object types defined in SAP system.
In case of table content s, the object type is TABU and passes the parameters as shown in screen and execute. 

 The resulting screen will give the details as needed like the transport request number, description, and owner of the request, date, type and status.

In case we miss any transports with regards to an object like table contents etc…, SE03 would be very useful in getting the necessary information.Also,it can help in identifying any mistakes in contents of transport requests by analyzing them.

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