Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SE24-Abap global class Builder

For Abap objects, classes provide the skeleton for them. In Abap,classes can be either local or global. Local classes are defined inside an abap program .components of same are only visible within the scope of abap program. Global classes are created using transaction SE24.The components of global class can be reused in other abap programs and as such the visibility is global.
Following are the features of Class builder:
1. Overview of global object types
2. Display/maintenance and creation of global classes or interfaces.
3. To implement the inheritance of global classes
4. to implement or modify the methods of classes

 For creating Abap global classes, the transaction is SE24.The transaction can be used for creating, modifying and displaying a global Abap class. Most of the standard abap classes start with CL_.
.While creating Class, in case the final tick box is checked, then the class becomes final class. This makes the class not to have any sub class (inheritance concept).So only check the box in case, this would be the final child class .The final checkbox is also available for methods and the same concept is relevant for methods as well.


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