Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SE84- The repository information system browser

SE84 is a very useful transaction and provides the details of all objects in the repository. Compared to SE80, information on abap dictionary objects and enhancements are also provided. This information is not easily available in SE80.

Se84 can also help in checking the sub objects details and the relevant information as needed.Se84 also provides information on a database level along with transport details. It gives better search options than SE80 or any other also repository browser in SAP

SE84 is useful in finding user-exits, enhancements and BADI defintions. It is the most easiest way to find these ones compared to all other methods.The only thing that would be needed is the relevant development classes for which we need to search for.

SE84 is under package SEUI and the associated program is RS_INFOSYSTEM_START.

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