Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SAP Packages

For creating SAP Package, one can do it using transactions SE21 or SE80.Se21 or SPACKAGE is known as Package builder. Packages can be  SAP provided or ones created by  exclusively for client packages. All the development components like function modules,BAPIs,Reports etc are offered by Package..

The features of SE21 are:
  • Create SAP packages and sub-packages as needed for customer
  • Help in specifying the package hierarchy
  • Help in defining the package interfaces as needed for customers
  • Authorizing the users or restricting users with user packages.
As shown below, click on the create option

Next provide the details on the package. The name of package should follow the naming conventions as suggested by SAP or by the customer. Declare whether it is main package or not. One is permitted to create sub packages under main packages.
Next add the package interfaces as needed into the package. As an example we are showing the package interfaces related with SAP provided package ‘VA’.

Transactions SPACKAGE and SPACK could be used for modifying or deleting packages.SE80 can also help in the same as well.

In case one does not have access to these tcodes, then there is another way to create Package. This is by creating an entry in V_TDEVC table.

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