Thursday, May 9, 2013

Program to download abap programs - REPTRAN

There are many ways to download abap programs into your local system. One of the utilities provided by SAP is the program REPTRAN. This program as shown can be used to display the code and even can be used to download the code. 

The program names that the user provides are checked in trdir/tadir based on the program class type.If found, then the program makes use of the keyword 'READ REPORT', which helps in the reading the contents of the associated report program into an internal table. The number of records in internal table would be equal to number of lines found in the program.

 While checking the program, we would that program name although not mandatory ,is the driving parameter of this utility program. Even in case we fill other fields, program returns with  error usually "Enter report/BSP application as shown below" and would not be possible to download or even display any related code.
In case one has given a report name which contains an include program, the code of the include program will not be downloaded. The utility program is useful in case other options of downloading abap program  are disabled(sometimes due to authorizations/security).

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  1. IF i want to update the lifes donwloaded agains , assigning transport order , is posible?