Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to check OSS notes at SAP Market place

  OSS notes are nothing but patches and bug fixes provided by SAP for the different products and versions. One can implement the same through transaction SNOTE. It allows you to download and implement OSS notes provided by SAP. Few limitations are there like manual actions once cannot be performed and in case you need to browse few OSS notes those options are limited in SNOTE.

In case you need to browse and search for OSS(online SAP service),you need to go to SAP market place( would need user name and password to enter the portal. The user ids are provided for each system SAP is associated with including IDES installations. In case one is certified in any of the SAP modules, they would be given a separate user name and password to access SAP market place portal.

First go to the SAP market place and click on SAP support portal.

 Next provide your username and password

In the subsequent screen, click on help& support in the options and you would find a sub option which is              ‘SEARCH for SAP notes & KBAs’.
You can provide the search terms you are looking for In search items and all OSS notes linked with those keywords will be populated. In case, one is aware of the OSS note number, you can also provide the number and get the relevant OSS note. The Individuals notes are viewed usually in adobe document reader and the OSSS notes can be downloaded in PDF or text formats to the local pc.
We would be covering in a separate article of how to send OSS requests to SAP.

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