Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to transport standard text (SO10) in SAP

          Standard texts are maintained in transaction SO10 .One would notice easily that SO10 transactions when created or modified or deleted, does not generate a transport request in the development system. But there are times when  it needs to be transported to other environments  like quality or production systems.
It can easily be done by the below steps

  •    Create a  workbench transport request using SE01/SE09.

  • As shown,using the change type in the screen options , change the type of the transport task from unclassified to repair. Please note , it is for the task and not the transport request.

  • .       Goto SE38 report  RSTXTRAN and execute the report with passing the transport task(not transport request) to the name of the correction,text key-name as the SO10  text name.
  •  In the output screen, the text would appear.In case, you did not pass the SO10 text, you will get a list of texts.Only select the checkbox of the text needed and then hit enter.
  •  On the next screen similar to previous screen,you will have same screen except for a push button .Hit the push button and you had have the details of SO10 passed to the task and thus to the transport.
 Trying other methods is hard especially when you maintain the texts in other login languages.This is easy and convenient.

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