Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A simple technique of adding table entry to R/3 tables without SM30 or SE16

There are times, at which both technical and functional consultants would have faced trouble with SM30 or SE16 for adding table entries.In most cases, its either because of certain restrictions and in some cases of some other technical issues. Presenting one easy technique that could help most consultants especially technical consultants to add entry to a table.For this technique, we need to have access to function module VIEW_MAINTAINENCE_CALL and to execute the same. SAP has provided documentation for the function module and so its easier to understand as well.

Goto SE37 and provide the function module. In parameter ACTION, provide the value 'U' for adding an entry. You can provide even the value 'S' and then move to change mode in subsequent screen.

According to the SAP documentation,
  • S = Display
  • U = Change

  • T = Transport
Provide, the table name  and then execute the function module

From the next screen, you should be able to add or modify entries.

The following things need to be noted:

1. One of the pre-requisite for this technique is for the table to have table maintainence generator activated.

2.In case, the table name is incorrectly provided or if the table maintainence generator is not maintained, an error would be displayed stating that the table maintainence has not been maintained.If the table is copied from another one, please ensure that the table is activated and table maintainence generator is created for same.

This should be one easy technique  for table maintainence for many technical consultants out there.

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