Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What is Business Transaction Events (BTE) ?

Business transaction event is an enhancement technique used in Financial accounting components available from Release 4.0.However it differs from other SAP enhancement and modification techniques in some unique ways. While enhancements allow enhancement to user interface elements, BTE only allows enhancing the source code of the FI components.  In fact, they are generally available in FI-GL, accountable payable and receivable components.BTE makes use of function modules for program enhancements which is not the case for BADIs as it makes use of Abap objects as well.

Categories of BTEs
  • ·            Publish & Subscribe interfaces. Can have multiple implementations but cannot update data
  • ·             Process interfaces.                      Can have only active implementation but can update data.

How to find BTE
 ·         FIBF – Use FIBF tcode to find relevant BTE.
  • ·         Use tcode BERP to find process BTE

Select the attribute type A (Application component) and click F4 on selection attributes field.

 Output would display all the available BTEs for a give node. The description in most case provides the functionalities of the BTE.
Choose the right BTE and the above tool bar options to explore further. Documentation and other relevant info are always provided by SAP.

·         Use tcode BERE to find  P/S BTE
The custom function modules can be created with the same interface as of the sample function module.

·         Use function module PC_FUNCTION_FIND for Process BTE
This makes use of FM BF_FUNCTIONS_READ.
To find the BTEs, set breakpoints in the function module and execute the tcode to find the appropriate BTE.

·         Implementing BTE
(1)Choose the BTE to implement
(2)Select the BTE you want to implement.
(3)Press button “Sample function module”
(4)Copy the same function module to a custom Z function module.
(5)Modify the code of Z function module as needed.
(6)Traverse back to FIBF and create a new entry to identify the new entry and mark it as active
(7) Link the BTE with the new function module.

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